We have the following payment options which are simple, convenient and safe: 

  1. Transfer the money via Wise system

Please open the link to see the short instruction how to make a transfer. 

  1. Direct Debit from your U.S. bank account

If you have an account in the U.S. Bank, please, provide the following information for your Bank account:

•    First and last name on the account

•    Bank name

•    Account Number

•    Routing Number

  1. Chase QuickPay or Zelle

To use Zelle you must have a bank account in the U.S. 

•    Open the link https://www.zellepay.com/get-started

•    Enrol your email or mobile number through your mobile banking app or Zelle app

•    Enter the email address zelle@germantvcompany.com

•    Enter the amount to send

•    Write in the comments your phone number which added to your subscription account so that we can see the payment faster

  1. Send Money order  or Bank check:

•    Write the amount of payment 

•    Fill out the field “Payment to” or “Payment to the order of”: German TV Company 

•    Sent by address: 1404 Avenue Z, Brooklyn NY 11235

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