Quick Setting of Video Output Mode

The MODE button of the RC (REC + 3 for the old RC) allows quick setting of video output mode without entering the setup menu. This type of video output configuration may be required in case after connecting your player to a TV/ monitor/projector you see no picture on the screen.

After pressing the MODE button you will enter the quick video setting mode. In this mode, pressing one of the digit buttons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 switches to one of the following video output modes respectively:

  1. Composite/Component, PAL
  2. Composite/Component, NTSC
  3. Digital A/V output, 480i, 60 Hz
  4. Digital A/V output, 720p, 60 Hz
  5. Digital A/V output, 1080i, 60 Hz

To exit the quick video setting mode after successful settings, press ENTER on your RC.

After pressing the MODE and a digit button please wait for up to 15 sec. before the new video mode is settled.

The five listed video modes are provided only to ensure that you can quickly set up some usable video mode for any type of video connection you are using, regardless the previous settings of your player.

After getting a picture on the screen with one of these modes, please go to Setup menu and choose the most appropriate video output and resolution.

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