1. Press POP-UP menu on the remote (GUIDE on Universal Remote).
  2. Select Setup.
  3. Choose Network and press ENTER (OK on Universal remote).
  4. In the Connection select: Wireless (WiFi).
  5. In the Mode section, it should be: Automatic (DHCP) by default.
  6. Click on Scan and press Enter.
  7. Wi-Fi Settings window pops up. Select your WiFi and press ENTER.
  8. In the Security select WPA2 AES.
  9. In the Password type the WiFi password using your remote.
  10. Click on OK to close the WiFi settings window.
  11. Click on Apply and press ENTER on the remote.
  12. ‘Waiting for IP address’ window pops up. Wait until the box gets IP address. If the IP address appears – the connection was successful. If the wait is longer than 60 sec check if you have the Internet.

DUNE boxes already have built-in WiFI, the antenna only makes the signal stronger.

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