Please make sure that your PC and TV are connected to the same network (WiFi or LAN)

First, install Tizen SDK to your PC:

Install up-to-date Java Version

  1. Install up-to-date version of Tizen Studio.

After the Studio install please run the Package Manager

After that, Open  “Tizen Studio” and with a “Package Manager” (“Tools”) additionally install “Tizen SDK Tools” (“Main SDK” tab ) and  “TV Extentions-4.0” (“Extension SDK” tab)

Next, go to the Extension SDK tab and press install next to Extras.

After that we need to Get the computer’s IP. Go to Network and sharing center – Network/wifi – Details – your address is in the IPv4 line.

Next to the TV itself. Go to the Smart Hub, then to the Apps section and then, one after another press 1-2-3-4-5 buttons on your remote control device. In the window which should appear, choose ON and press Enter, enter your IP address in the empty field Then press OK.

After that you need to reboot your TV, for that you need to hold your power button until the Samsung logo appears on the screen, then you can release it.

Now we need to know your TV’s  IP address, press settings button on your remote, then Network – Network status, choose IP settings and address will show up.

Back to the computer. Wait until Tizen Studio installation is finished and run it, it should be in the folder where you have installed it → tizen-studio/ide/TizenStudio.exe.

After that press the icon add TV, press “+”, enter any Name, IP address of the TV which you have just got and press Add.

Next to the Certificate Manager.

Go to Tools Certificate Manager.

Press “+”.

Choose Tizen.

Enter any certificate profile name.

Do not change any defaults, press Next.

Then, fill the fields with data of your choice.

No changes,  Finish and OK.

Running the App

Press the icon for new project, choose Template and press Next.

In  Custom choose TV-samsung v5.0 or any other latest version, depending on which one you have available, press Next.

Web Application.

Basic Project.

Please, enter the correct  Project name and press Finish.

Download correct version of our application  (.wgt file ) from , open the archive, and move it to our project.
If your TV model is the 2015 or 2016 model group, you need *2.4.8.wgt file, if 2017 or higher – then *2.4.9.wgt version.
the way you can find out your TV model is to look for the model number at the back of your TV (it should look like UN43RU7100FXZA or similar) and then follow the guide at the end of this article to find a model group.

Right mouse click on the project name, then  Run As – 1 Tizen Web Application. If you have done every step correctly, the app will shortly be installed and automatically will run on your TV.

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