1. Setup
This button allows you to enter settings, such as network, video, audio, and restart portal, other settings should not be changed.

2. Skip
This button allows you to fast forward on reordered programs to avoid commercials while watching from the archive only.
3. Fast Play
This button allows you to go back in days while watching from the archive. Every click will move back 12h period.
4. Exit
This button allows you to enter Channels, Videoteka, Settings and takes you back to the Home Screen.
In the Videoteka, you will find collections of movies.
In Settings you will be allowed to change your server, buffering period and time shift.
If you press exit two times, it will bring you back to the home screen with all the icons.
5. OK
Pressing OK allows you to select channels and also save any changes you have made in settings.


  1. lynn untalan

    I am trying to get familiar with the remote control for the alfabox and the description here is good but I am wondering about the “F” keys, it says here that the are “additional functions” but I would like to know what those “additional functions are”.

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