1. Alfabox (Set-top-box)
    Alfabox is a multimedia player, which allows not only to watch TV but also to use other applications like YouTube, Sudoku, Facebook etc.
    Alfabox manual
  2. Power adapter
    Alfabox UX3: 12V
    Alfabox UX2: 12V
    Alfabox UX1: 5V
  3. Composite cable (A/V)
    The composite cable carries audio and video signal. This cable is used to connect Alfabox with the TV
  4. Cat5 cable
    Cat5 is an Ethernet network cable. This cable is used to connect Alfabox with the router
  5. Remote control
  6. 2 Batteries

    ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES (sold separately):
  1. HDMI Cable (sold separately)
    To get a high definition quality, instead of composite cable, you can use HDMI cable
  2. WiFi adapter (sold separately)
    We strongly recommend LAN connection (router-Alfabox) but when LAN connection is not possible you can use WiFi adapter.

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